From simple TVs mounted on the wall to 50 TVs all around your favorite watering hole, Vertex AV can get you the perfect picture every time. We use the best quality mounts, cables, and video distribution systems to the perfect installation you are looking for. And to compliment that amazing sight, we can add the high performance sound that will create the perfect mood no matter what your favorite music is. Creating balanced sounds is an art form, and our sound design artists will have your toes tapping, your soul refreshed, and create that space you can’t wait to get back to!

Choosing a TV is not as easy as just popping into your local grocery store and picking up a loaf of bread…. 4K, 1080p, 240Hz refresh rates, and now OLED and 8K TVs!! How does anyone decide what’s the best value?? That’s where we come in. We can help cut through all the mumbo jumbo that’s all over the internet and your local big box stores. Some features are Amazing! Some are totally confusing and frustrating. We make it simple by allowing your needs and your room tell us what’s right for you.

What We Do

  • TV Installation
  • Whole home sound with streaming audio
  • Video Distribution
  • Commercial 70V audio systems
  • CCTV
  • Video Surveillance

What is it?

A/V is pretty simple. If you need to see it or hear it then it falls in this category. The most important part of any A/V installation is typically the wiring. The wiring can “future proof” all your installations needs and upgrades down the road.

Why are we better?

Vertex AV absolutely takes pride in our ability to design the right system for your needs. Design not only entails the right equipment, it incudes the right wiring plan to make all the magic happen. Most other AV companies will design systems with a narrow focus – forcing their customers into one manufacturer and a limited product line. We design systems with flexibility to allow for lots of customization. We also do residential installations for several major retailers. This gives us a competitive advantage over any of our competitors. Where they install 1 TV a month, we install 300 TVs a week. We know all the “tricks” for each manufacturer and can give you the right advice for your situation.

Who we use?

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