There is nothing better than finding a company that stands for quality. And with so many companies out there taking the short cut, it’s refreshing that Coastal Source hasn’t missed a step in designing the BEST outdoor lighting systems on the planet. We are proud to offer such a fantastic product to our customer who are looking to create the most beautiful environments outdoors. Call us to setup a system in your environment to test drive a few days and see if you are completely blown away by your new outdoor space.

What is it?

Forget Ohms Law and calculating voltage drops… outdoor lighting is about creating memories! That amazing feeling you get dine outside at you favorite restaurant doesn’t come from the food – it comes from the outdoor lighting! Lighting creates the mood. And the right outdoor lights makes every event that much more memorable. While there is some science to making it all work, creating that outdoor scene is more of an art form!

Why are we better?

Well, like all fine works of art, the paintbrush is only as good as the person holding it! Most other outdoor lighting installers use the least expensive parts and have no clue what to light up in a yard. They simply install 5 bullet lights and a few pathway lights and hope that it looks great. We take our time, and paint of “canvas of light” to make your outdoor environment come alive! We look at what architectural features to highlight, what plants to brighten up, and what color temperatures make your landscaping jump out. All our knowledge goes toward one purpose, creating that picture perfect lighting scene in your outdoor space that will LAST A LIFETIME. We only use Coastal Source Lighting Products. They have the highest value, the longest life, and the best overall performance of any other outdoor lighting company on the planet.

Who we use?

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