From Roller shades to Drapery tracks, Vertex AV has the perfect shading solution for your room and your budget. The right window treatments can compete your space design and be still on the cutting edge of technology. If you’re running late getting home from a meeting and can’t make it to draw the blinds so your neighbors can’t see that you’re not home – Don’t worry! We can do it for you!

What are they?

Controlling the “natural light” in a room is just as important as controlling the ones installed by your electrician. The UV Rays from the sun can damage your flooring and furniture over time, but have the right kind of window treatments can help. When we install motorized window treatments, we can give you that light control and protection even when you are not home. Motorized treatments can give you that peace of mind that your home “looks lived in” even when you’re on vacation. They can add all the elements of convenience for those hard to reach windows and all the security and privacy you need.

Why are we better?

We offer the most variety in window treatments with thousands of fabrics to choose from. And we can design the right window treatments for each environment. From inside the jamb mounts, to roller shades in custom pockets above your windows, our experts will help create the look and feel you want.

Who we use?

Lutron Shades – only Lutron. They have the best and quietest shading systems on the market.

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