As hollywood has said for decades:
“LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION!” The lights have ALWAYS come first! But some many people forget that the lighting of an environment is mission critical when creating tranquility. Our lighting control experts can help you find you Zen environments wether indoors or outdoors. Let us set the mood for you for every occasion. AND save you a few bucks off your energy bill in the process!

What is it?

Lighting control is more than just being able to use a wall mounted switch to turn on and off your lights. It’s about both controlling the “man made” light from fixtures and the “natural” light from the sun. With all the different innovations in LED technology and off-shore products emerging on the scene, it has become increasingly difficult to set the mood perfectly for the right occasion. Not all LEDs are created equal and not all dimmers work with the new LEDs. Choosing the right products that work together to give you that perfect amount of light for every activity is the challenge! And that’s were we come in.

Why are we better?

Let’s be honest… most lighting control systems are installed by your run of the mill electricians. They can install the hardware, but can’t begin to program the system to function how you want it. It’s like asking your mechanic to replace your car stereo for better sound. Sure the engine and the radio are part of the same vehicle. But a guy that understands the pistons and timing belt probably doesn’t know much about an aftermarket high performance sound system. Our experts know lights. They know LEDs. They know fixtures and electrical code to work with your existing electrical contractor and achieve your desired results. So if you are starting from the ground up and need a complete new design, or if you are making and existing environment work, we can help with any project.

Who we use?

Pretty much the same reasons as home automation. We also have been highly trained in LED technology and LED dimming. Most electricians can’t figure out how to dim regular incandescent bulbs, let alone LED technology. That’s where we come in a help!

Super easy to use.

We ONLY use lutron. They are the best.

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