Home automation is YOU taking control of your environment and making it work for you. Have you ever wondered if you left the lights on? How about when you leave early for work and forget to close the garage door? What if you could take control of your environment and make so simple, you can control anything in your home or business right from your iPhone or android mobile device? Vertex AV can simplify your life by making your environments work together taking the guess work out of it!

What is it?

Automated “Homes of the future” exhibits have been a popular attraction at many World’s Fairs and amusement parks all over the country. It’s pretty simple – automation is have a computer control different electrical devices and have the talk and interact with each other. Since George yelled at Jane, “Get me off this crazy thing!” in the popular Jetson’s cartoon, computerized and automated homes have been a burning desire deep in the underbelly of all American culture. The ability to have computers use electronic devices to improve our lives and make it simpler isn’t a thing just for George Jetson. Being about to have your favorite music follow you around your house is a thing of TODAY! Or we can simply start with your front door reminding you via your smart phone that you left the door unlocked again…

There are 4 main reasons to add an automation system into your are environment:

  • Convenience. Wouldn’t it be awesome that when you arm your security system in away mode, to have just that simple passcode turn all the lights off in the house and shut down any music playing? Automation can take you normal commands from one of your systems in your house and have it make other systems cooperate.
  • Safety / Security: Imagine that same alarm system getting triggered… And then having your lights turn on at full brightness so any potential intruders are scared off.
  • Pace of mind: Just having the ability to close a garage door that was left open or remotely viewing your property from cameras right on your smart phone.
  • Energy Savings: Smart home systems can save on your electrical costs vs. systems that are constantly running even though they don’t need to be.

Why we are better?

Most AV companies just SAY they do home automation. But really what they do is sell you gear you can’t use or never works. They also don’t really know how to make home systems work with YOUR needs and lifestyle. We listen to all our customers and give them what they want – not necessarily what WE think they should buy. Not all technology is right for everyone, so we listen then make recommendations.

And more importantly, we program your system customer to your desires. The other guys just dump a pre-configured program in and then make you adapt to it.

We are also better in the world of Home Automation when it comes to designing the right Network for your system to run on. Most AV companies forget that the backbone to any automation system is the network. We only use the best cloud based management systems to give you enterprise class networking solutions for less down time and better functionality and speed.

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