Our Mission Statement

To be the best AV installation company by quality workmanship, outstanding service, and an unparalleled knowledge of consumer electronics. We take pride in our work and our customers reward us by referring future business.

What We Stand For

Quality. Service. Value.
Other AV companies will sell you what THEY want you to have. Usually because they are familiar with it and know how to program it… Or they wire your space with wiring that only works for certain equipment – forcing you to use an over priced manufacturer with high cost of ownership. We at Vertex AV believe that your wiring should never control what product you use. We always wire so that you could choose the right equipment for you. Because we spend so much time learning about the latest technology, we can help you adopt the right products at the right price – getting you the highest value for your investment. We only recommend and sell products that are user friendly, proven to stand the test of time, and work well with other systems. We look at the long term cost of ownership for you and give you options that will meet your needs. After all, not everyone needs needs their smoke detector to turn on their outside irrigation to water their property in the event of a fire… but for those of you who do, we got you covered!

Our Goal

The create long-lasting relationships with our customers. It’s simple… we hope you try us out on your next project. We hope you find us refreshing and easy to work with. If you do, tell your friends and family. We’d like to make their lives better too!


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